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Material Real Constants

1-5  Material model real constant number (N)

6-15 		 Interaction Scale Factor (E)

16-25		 Static Pressure at level zero (Po)

26-35		 Specific weight of the fluid ($\gamma$)

36-45		 Gravity Acceleration (g).

46-55		 X-comp of the vertical direction (X1)

56-65		 Y-comp of the vertical direction (Y1)

66-75		 Z-comp of the vertical direction (Z1)

76-85 		 Thickness if (NSD.EQ.2)

Ignored if (NSD.EQ.3) 
Note that the factor E is set automatically to the value $\rho/(C_1 \gamma \Delta t)$ in case of fluid structure interaction to account for the difference in the time integration techniques between the fluid and the structure. Also, it should be noted that the vertical direction must be set to the $\underline{j}$ unit vector in case of free surface sloshing problem.

A. Zeiny