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Nodal Time History and Information

Repeat for each output history. N=1, NSDOUT.

1-5    Element number (IEHIST(1,N))

6-10 		Gauss point number (IDHIST(2,N))

11-15 		Quantity flag number (IDHIST(3,N)):

EQ.1I, Stress component number I

EQ.2I, Strain component number I

All components are in local coordinates
In case of 3D analysis, the components of the stress are written in the following order $\sigma_{x}$, $\sigma_{y}$, $\sigma_{z}$, $\tau_{yz}$, $\tau_{xz}$, and $\tau_{xy}$. The same order is applied for the strain components.

A. Zeiny