Dr. Elzeiny has experience in software engineering with experience in several programming languages including C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, .Net framework and Autocad ObjectARX applications. Good in writing small to medium size programs and macros to perform special tasks such as the following programs that were fully authored by Dr. Elzeiny:

·       Medium size software to read the raw In-Structural Response Spectra Curves generated by GTSTRUDL or SAP2000, and performs regrouping, enveloping, broadening, peak reduction, scaling and smoothing of the raw curves. The software generates the resulting charts as well. In addition, Dr. Elzeiny originated the necessary documentation required for the verification and validation of the software by external reviewers as required by the project procedure and nuclear standards.

·       Small size software to refine coarse mesh generated by GTSTRUDL around openings.

·       Small size software to convert the finite element input files from ANSYS format to STAAD PRO and SAP2000 formats.

·       Small size software to manage data base for California faults and to interface with seismic risk analysis software.

·       Medium size customized finite element software using commercial object oriented finite element library to perform specialized structural analysis tasks.

·       Medium size customized finite element software to analyze static, moving and seismic loads on the Getty Museum floors. The output is simplified to a spectrum of colors for the non-technical users of the software who will place the loading objects on the floor. The load objects include moving forklifts, heavy statues, large audience crowd and heavy displays. Finite element mesh, inverted stiffness matrices and strength of floor components are pre-calculated and stored in behind the scene database hidden from the non technical users.

·       Medium size customized finite element software, DYNAZ, to model nonlinear liquid-structure interaction, material nonlinearity, geometric nonlinearity, non linear contact boundary conditions and nonlinear free surface of liquids. DYNAZ was developed as part of the Ph.D. thesis and used for the non-linear seismic analysis of liquid-structure interaction applications.

·       Medium size Autocad add-on application using ObjectARX framework to store building components and design information in a hierarchy structure. Each component is linked to classified property-value lists to store its properties in computable formats.