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Example 1: Linear Response to Sinusoidal Ground Excitation

A rectangular tank of 10 m. width and 10 m. liquid height was tested for small ground excitation. The excitation has 0.16 second period and given by

$\displaystyle \dot{G}_x$=$\displaystyle 0.01 \sin t\;\; \mbox{m/sec}$ 

Two finite element meshes are used: one consists of $10\times10$ liquid elements while the other consists of $20\times20$ elements. Figure (4.5) shows a comparison of the liquid response to the ground excitation with the analytical solution using the linear wave theory presented in [32]. Figure (4.6) shows the effect of the mesh density on the linear liquid response.
Figure 4.5: Example 1: Comparison with the Analytical Solution of the Linear Wave Theory.

Figure 4.6: Example 1, Effect of Mesh Density on the Response.

A. Zeiny