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Linear and Nonlinear Deflection of a Square Plate

A square plate of width b and thickness t with clamped edges is subjected to uniform load q that covers the entire plate. The central deflection parameter, $W=\frac{w}{t}$, is plotted against the load parameter, $Q=\frac{12 q b^4 (1-\nu^2)}{E t^4}$, in Figure (2.15) and found to agree with the analytical solution presented in [270]. It should be pointed out that the central deflection at the middle of the square plate was less than the corresponding deflection in the middle of the circular or the infinitely long plate. In addition, the magnitude of the central deflection was significantly reduced when large deflection effects were included.

Figure 2.15: Linear and Nonlinear Deflection of a Square Plate

A. Zeiny