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Constraint Control Card

1-5 Constraint type number (NTYPE=7)

6-10 		 Contactor system number  (ISYSTM) 

11-15		 Target system number (ITAR  )

16-20 		 Target surface first element

21-25 		 Target surface last element

26-30 		 Target element 1st local node number

31-35 		 Target element 2nd local node number

36-40 		 Target element 3rd local node number

41-45 		 Target element 4th local node number

46-50 		 Target element increment

51-55 		 Sliding friction flag

EQ.0, Friction is enabled

EQ.1, Friction is disabled
The target's local nodes listed in the previous table must be the element's corner nodes. Any midside nodes will cause the algorithm to fail.

A. Zeiny