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Constraint Control Card

1-5 Constraint type number (NTYPE=3)

6-10 		 Contactor system number  (ISYSTM) 

11-15		 Target system number (ITAR  )

16-20 		 Target surface pattern first element

21-25 		 Target surface pattern last element

26-30 		 Target element 1st local node number

31-35 		 Target element 2nd local node number

36-40 		 Target element 3rd local node number

41-45 		 Target element 4th local node number

46-50 		 Local number of the potential contact edge/surface

51-55 		 Target element pattern increment

56-60 		 Number of patterns to be repeated

61-65 		 Pattern repetition increment
The target's local nodes listed in the previous table must be the element's corner nodes. Any midside nodes will cause the algorithm to fail.

A. Zeiny