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Element control card

1-5 Element type number (NTYPE=6 )

6-10		   Number of element nodes  (NEN   ) 

11-15		 Number of stress/strain time histories (NSOUT )

16-20		      Active degree of freedom number

21-25		     Integration code (NINT  )

EQ.1, Analytical evaluation 

EQ.0, Ignore the element 

26-30		     Mass matrix type code (IMASS )

EQ.0, Consistent mass matrix  

EQ.1,  No mass matrix              

30-35		      Material model number  (NUMAT ) 

36-40		   Material nonlinear flag (NNFLAG) 

EQ.0, Deactivate material nonlinearity             

EQ.1, Activate material nonlinearity               

41-45		  Element stress/strain output flag (IOUTFL) 

EQ.0, Spring force 

EQ.1, Spring deflection  

EQ.2, Both forces and deflection

46-50		   Element system number  (ISYSTM) 

A. Zeiny