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Vertical Transfinite Mapping Remeshing

It is used for large amplitude free surface sloshing in a rigid tank subjected to a vertical or horizontal ground motion. In this case, only fluid nodal y-coordinates are updated after each iteration according to the free surface new location.

1-5  Lower left corner node (N1  ) 

6-10 		 Lower right corner node (N2  )

11-15 		 Upper left corner node (N4  )

15-20 		 First curve nodal increment (I1  )

21-25 		 Fourth curve nodal increment (I4  )

26-30 		 Number of layers (NZ  )

31-35 		 Layer increment  (IZ  )
If the vertical direction remeshing is used, NREL should be set appropriately to account for mesh motion in the horizontal direction.

A. Zeiny