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Element Information and Generation

This card depends on the element type. Refer to the element library list. However, the generation of the elements are the same. The following table shows a general generation block. Skip this block if NUMEG.EQ.0. The latest definition of element overrides the previous one. Terminate the element generation with a blank card.

1-5   Element number

6-10 		 Number of subsequent generation lines

Enter 0 if no generation is required

11-15		 Node number of the first local node

16-..		 Other node numbers connected to the element

1-5 		 First element of the already existed pattern

6-10 		 Last element of the already existed pattern

11-15		 Already existed pattern element number increment

16-20		 Number of times required to repeat the pattern

21-25		 Uniform node number increment

EQ.0: Variable node increments will follow

25-30		 Element number increment

31-..		 Variable node increments (NINC(K),K=1,NEN)
The node numbers should be entered in the specified order of the local node and in a sequence that produces a positive area or volume.

A. Zeiny