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Nodal Boundary Conditions Codes.

Boundary codes are generated by sequential generation. Terminate the generation by a blank card.

1-5   Number of first node in sequence (N)

6-10 		 Number of last node in generation sequence (NE)

11-15		 Generation nodal increment (NG)

16-20		 DOF #1 boundary code ID(1,N):

EQ.0, Active DOF. (Prescribed force)

EQ.1, Prescribed  Displacement      

EQ.2, Prescribed Velocity or $\Phi$

EQ.3, Prescribed Acceleration or $\dot{\Phi}$

21-.. 		Boundary codes for the other Ds.O.F.
In case of Displacement or velocity control. The program uses the time integration equations in a reverse way to differentiate the load time function to get the velocity and/or the acceleration. The program assumes the load time function is piece wise linear, i.e. linear relationship between any two consecutive points.

A. Zeiny