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Nodal Coordinate Data

Automatic generation of nodal coordinates data are performed by means of isoparametric generation. The generation is terminated with a blank card. The following description of isoparametric generation is similar to what is used to generate nodal load vectors, prescribed kinematic vectors, and initial conditions.

1-5   Node number (N)

6-10 		 Number of generation points (NUMGP). You need at

least two points to start the generation

EQ.0, No generation

GT.0, Generate nodal data

11-20		 Nodal value in the X1 direction

21-30		 Nodal value in the X2 direction

31-40		 Nodal value in the x3 direction

For the case of nodal coordinates generation, the number of nodal values needed is NSD. But in case of nodal forces or prescribed kinematics, then the number of values needed is NDOF. Also, in case of nodes connected to degenerated shell elements, the bottom coordinates should be entered starting from column 41.

A. Zeiny